Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twine Rosary

I learned about the Rosary Army through my brother last week and today, I tried to make one twine rosary.

After going to the dentist this afternoon, I went to a hardware and bought a nylon rope (not the suggested #36). I cannot find a #36 and so I took an "unnumbered" rope instead. Anyway, I'm just only giving it a try.

So after three hours, I produced this rosary:

I got a large rosary (almost one yard) since the rope is thick.  Since I enjoyed making this twine rosary (to the point of addiction!) I'm going again to the hardware tomorrow and this time, I will be buying a #36 rope.I am considering the color green, or darker colors like red or blue. But green is a must. Green is not too bright nor too dull.

If you want to create twine rosaries, please visit .

After creating lots of rosaries, give them away! Or donate them to the Rosary Army and let them distribute the rosaries for you. It is a form of evangelization. In fact, a very beautiful evangelization!

So I am inviting you to make at least one twine rosary and give it to someone whom do you think needs to learn praying the rosary. Or to someone depressed. God may give him consolations through the rosary.

Your hands might ache and be blistered. But that's okay. Offer the little pains to Jesus.

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