Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Few More Days

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiat Voluntas Tua

The Franciscan Crown Rosary that I made last Easter
Since I went home after a month of being away from it, I've been busy doing almost nothing.

I've been online almost non-stop. I feel a little guilty about this, I admit, but in few days I will start being offline for a long time.

I am wondering, and I always does, what's going to happen a year after now. I am curious what is going to happen in 3 months, or in 6 months. Will I still be alive that time? Who will be me then? Where will I be?

When I was bit younger, I sometimes think that I have attained a high degree of maturity (yeah, I know I'm proud). But when things started to go differently to what I have planned, when I started to realize that I have limitations, that I have failures, I understood that I haven't really attained a high degree of maturity, that there's always a room for growth for me, that I am little.With these realizations, I started to look forward to my future with excitement. I know the Good Lord has a lot of good things in store for me. I am like a little kid who is very excited to unwrap his Christmas present.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow. Nobody knows except God (and yeah, that May 21 Judgment day is not true.). The thought of having an uncertain future is worrisome to me. That is why I pray that I will persevere, not in pursuing my own plans, but in doing what the Good Lord wants from me. Fiat voluntas Tua.

I am plunging into the unknown. It takes a lot of courage, and the courage that I "have" is not mine. It's a grace, it's a gift from the Good Lord. I have nothing with me as I plunge, but my faith which I am trying to ignite into flames.

Fiat voluntas Tua. Thy Will be done. This is my prayer for today.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't Look Back

And [Lot's wife] looking behind her, was turned into a statue of salt. (Gen 19:26)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Thoughts. Again.

I took a nap this afternoon and I woke up but I cannot open my eyes. My head ached so badly. Probably too much internet?

And I think I am also guilty of too much coffee.

and of too much sleep.

and of too much music (hey, Sound Cloud got a lot of nice original songs).

(and now for another random thought, I'm going to choose a picture published here at my blog)

Ah, the kids from the oratory! You might have read my post about my involvement with the oratory apostolate of the Religious of the Incarnate Word. They had a summer camp last month and it seems they loved it! I was told that they swam all day at the beach.

I wonder how they are right now. Will those who do not go to school start attending their first classes this June?

Working for them made me realize the beauty of married and family life. It would be so awesome to watch this kids grow up into beautiful persons. Probably that girl at the right would become a doctor? Or maybe that young boy in blue sando become an engineer? It would be really cool if that little boy in red would become the first Filipino on moon. That girl in white, whose face we cannot see, might become a cloistered nun (she's already practicing anonymity). We'll never know!

Wow. It feels so good to dream and to believe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surfin All Day

So I didn't notice that I was in front of the monitor for almost a whole day. I just didn't notice the time passing by. I was just waiting for the beatification of Blessed John Paul 2 which started like four hours ago.

I was with my cool phriends, and my perseverance in front of the computer just proved that I am ready for my profession as a Phatmass Phriar of Perpetual Chat (it's a Phatmass thing, you know.)

I gotta thank Phatmass.com a lot. On June 8, I would making my 3rd year anniversary as a member (LOL!).

Really, really, thank you Phatmass. You're amesome!

For more information about Phatmass.com, click here.

May 1st

I am waiting for the beatification of Pope John Paul II. I was informed that it would be in two hours.

I was watching a show, a sort of documentary, at EWTN about his life. I didn't know he had to go to an underground seminary, and hide while studying during forced labor hours. My, life back then was really harsh.

Blessed John Paul the Great, pray for us.

The two extremes are somehow opposed to his beatification. I wouldn't be surprised if they would start nominating themselves for the Chair of Saint Peter.. or start their own church, gather their relatives and start their own papal conclaves.

But as for me, I am happy that he would be beatified in TWO HOURS!

God bless you!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Thoughts On A 30th

So, we're on the thirtieth.

And the only regret I have today is that I missed the pranks at the first.

Really, I cannot believe that a month has been over. Probably I am still on cloud nine? Well I guess I am. Things are getting better. Inspirations are finally being realized. Praise God, at last.. at last.

And what do I feel about that? I might be on a "cloud nine" but that doesn't mean I am levitating right now nor am I palpitating out of joy. But I have to admit I almost got a fever yesterday when I received a big news (no, not the royal wedding). What I am feeling right now is a kind of joy that is simple. I would like to worry about the simplicity, but I can't. This joy is too simple to be doubted.

(sips some coffee)

Well it is getting real hot here in the Philippines, and yet I am having my cup of hot coffee. But, just a while ago, it rained a little. Now it's getting warm again. 

(I've finished my coffee)

I do not have anymore thoughts for now. My brain stopped working (oh!).

Here's a big prayer for you:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

On Satan's Ways

Satan has a thousand ways of attacking our souls. He has a thousand ways of discouraging us, a thousand ways of telling lies that we may live in sin and despair. He wants to bring us down with him (how terrible!). He wants us to say no to God. He doesn't want us to imitate Jesus. He doesn't want us to adore the Holy Trinity.

It is always easy to fall down from the mountain than to climb, isn't it? Falling down requires no effort; you just let yourself be pulled by gravity, while climbing up requires a lot of strength. Satan is aware of this, and so we must be. We must learn to fight his lies and deceptions. We must learn to counter his attacks.

Yes we will be on a battle against him. Jesus will be with us. Saint Michael will fight with us. The Saints and all the angels will be with us. Although the battle would be very exhausting, we must not be discouraged. We must continue to fight the good fight.

The Rosary would be our weapon. It's our sword. We must learn to pray the rosary devoutly. We must become good swordsmen.

Satan would remind us of our exhaustion and tell us to give up and rest. Shall we listen to his voice? Never! If fighting him means no rest, then let it be. We must be assured, however, that in heaven, we would be in eternal rest.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come.
'Tis grace that brought me safe thus far
and grace will lead me home.

"My grace is sufficient for thee."
2 Corinthians 12:9

I am Back!

After 21 days, I am back, spiritually refreshed, renewed and excited!

Naga is a very nice place. I was able to visit the Penafrancia Basilica.

And the Naga Cathedral is a very beautiful place. Very neat and orderly.

I was able to visit too the parish church of San Francisco and the old shrine of Our Lady of Penafrancia.

From Batangas, to Bicol, to Bulacan.

I just came home from my 4 day Ignatian retreat and it is very powerful. Before going to retreat place, our vehicle's battery got broken (or ran out of charge... I don't know) then another vehicle bumped into our van. Obviously the enemy was trying to stop us from going to the Ignatian exercises. I think he is fuming in anger because all of us are renewed.

So I didn't notice that we're on the last week of April. I just cannot believe it's already May next week. It's starting to get warmer in my place, but compared to the places I've went to, it is cooler here.

See you later!

(Can't stop listening to this song)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Thoughts Before I Go

I am here at school for six hours waiting for our turn. We are having the presentation of our project, and it is really awful to wait for six hours. Our group might present in an hour.

You might be asking why are we waiting. We though that each presentation would last for ten minutes, as promised. It turned out that each presentation lasts for 30 minutes to one hour. This is just incredibly awful. I haven't packed my things yet, I haven't bought some necessary things for the trip and as night draws closer, I become more irritated.

Well maybe I must expect heaven on my "retreat" since today's a purgatory.

Nevertheless I am trying to keep my cool and keep my eyes on the computer monitor. I won't be on Facebook and Phatmass for three weeks so now this is the chance to indulge!

I thank God for the "retreat." What seemed to be distant is now very near. I just cannot wait. Hopefully I won't forget my camera (and my clothes!)

...and don't forget the rosary made by the Blue Hermit! I have it for more than a year. I have attached an old medal of Sacred Heart of Jesus near the Tau cross.

So, nos vemos! (I don't know if I'll post something before I sleep or tomorrow morning, but.. nos vemos!!)

On Retreat!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Excited for the Desert!

The more I think of my retreat and "Retreat" I get more excited too. I just need some time alone, some time of thinking, some time of discerning and some time contemplating and resting.

My "retreat" (yes with the quotation marks) is all set and I just cannot wait to travel. But I have to give up a lot of things I like because of this trip. I'm giving up camps with my little brothers and sisters at the Oratory.

Please pray for me!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Break is Here

So [un]officially I am on my [summer] break.

So it's summer. I wake up shivering. The wind is cold. Everybody's sneezing. So it's summer.

I got some few but "long" plans this break, so I won't really rest unlike the past summer breaks. I plan to go to an Ignatian retreat on Holy Week  and before that, a two-week "retreat" at a faraway place. I'm so excited to travel. I'll be leaving on March 31 to start one of my  trips, and I might be gone the whole month of April (I am not sure).

I've been longing for a retreat since last October. I need some time to rest, to reflect and, yes, to be healed of everything that is bothering me. The Good Lord, in His wisdom, didn't allow me to go on one for five months. Maybe when I go to the Ignatian retreat, I will be able to identify the fruits of waiting.

Waiting. Waiting is part of the journey. It is not idleness. Well, waiting will be idleness if we don't surrender to the Good Lord. Waiting is a time of listening. Waiting is a time of practicing virtues. Waiting is surrendering.

I do not know what's going to happen in my retreat and "retreat" but I feel assured that both will be very fruitful. I am praying hard for them.

Former Intercessors in the Philippines
And speaking of prayers, please continue praying for my beloved Intercessor Relief community. They have posted about the Philippine community days ago and I am so glad that things are going well. I am so proud of their obedience and dedication to Christ and to His Church. It is so wonderful to see their obedience

Right now I am listening to some music I really love. Think of the sixties! I think I have to download some songs (legally) so that when I travel I won't be bored.

So I  have nothing to say now. Nos vemos! May God bless you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

God Looks At The Heart [repost]

Do not worry if your Sunday best is not as good as others. They may wear clothes with more color and style. God doesn't mind if you're in line with the latest fashion or if you look elite. God looks at your heart.

Do not worry if your parish church is only a nipa hut. Do not worry if you church has no golden decorations and elaborate chandeliers. God sees the heart. Isn't it we go to Mass because of God, not because of the decorations.

Do not worry if you have little or nothing to give. Remember the poor widow? She only had two small coins yet she still still gave. Offer your nothingness. God is well pleased with poverty.

Do not worry if you feel no one cares for you. Be still and experience God and know Him. Then you will discover that you are loved.

God's love alone is enough.

God is love (1John 4:8). Listen: God sent His only Son into the world so that we might have life through Him. In this way the love of God was revealed to us (1 Jn 4:9). Look at the Cross. Look at our Suffering Savior and feel His love. No one has greater love than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. You are My friends. (Jn 15:13-14)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Patriarchate of Constantinople denounces Vassula Ryden

Click HERE (Rorate Caeli blog)

I was a former reader/protector of Vassula until I learned of the Notifications, of the value of obedience to the Church, and of Her Wisdom.

Vassula Ryden's book True Life in God contains a lot of doctrinal errors and Catholics are discouraged from reading TLIG. Visit InfoVassula for more information regarding the "Vassula errors."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Talk

Before anything else:
Intercessor Relief website gives updates on the former Intercessors who are in the Philippines

Please continue praying foo Japan. I am sure you are very aware of what's going on there.

This afternoon I got the books my mom and a friend from Phatmass Phorum sent me. My mom sent me a copy of the Interior Castle by Saint Teresa of Avila and my friend Tally gave me the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These books made my day great.

Having a copy of the Little Office makes me feel like a Carthusian. If I remember it right, Carthusians pray the Little Office before the pray the Divine Office. I am not sure if the Carthusian version is different from the one I received though. But, there might be different version but they still have the same purpose. Now I wonder if I should adopt this Carthusian practice. Hmm...

Another prayer book that I would recommend is the Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I use it in preparation for the Holy Mass and for Eucharistic Adoration. The meditations are just so wonderful, that you will really enter into deep prayer. It has 30 "visits", perfect a whole month. Each visit has prayers to Jesus and Blessed Mother and meditations. My favorite part is the spiritual communion. I like how Saint Alphonsus included the Blessed Mother in this little book.

I bought The Visits because Fr. Stefano Manelli, FFI recommended it in his book Jesus Our Eucharistic Love. I have finished Fr. Manelli's book a few days ago and have used it to prepare for the Holy Mass. Fr. Manelli includes a lot of experiences of the saints with the Eucharist, of how they revere our Eucharistic King  and how they value this precious Gift. There are lots of spiritual insights too from this book, and this just made me appreciate and love Jesus more in the Blessed Sacrament. Adoremus in aeternum Santissimum Sacramentum.

I have blogged about the Book of Infinite Love by Mother Louise Margaret Claret. This is another great book. The first part is about the priesthood and will surely help lay people to appreciate the dignity of this vocation. I am on the second part and Mother Louise talks about the love of God. Whoa, I just realized I got a perfect book list. All the books that I have talked about here speaks about LOVE. All LOVE. I feel so blessed to have these beautiful spiritual jewels.

I have so much to say yet I cannot find the right words to express my thoughts. Maybe when the semester's over I could blog properly again.

Nos vemos!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Great News About Former Intercessors

A great news: Former Intercessors studying and praying; are excited for future.

"The group's goal is to retain the charism of intercessory prayer but be more grounded in Catholic tradition and obedience to the. church."

I am so glad that things are going well within the Intercessor Relief community. I am so proud of them, and I am very happy that they are really choosing the Church. It is just so wonderful that I am sure there would be more great things to expect. I know that they will be doing more good things, thus pleasing the Divine Shepherd.

I am praying hard that they will become a religious community. I wonder what their new name will be, how will they look like, the structure, etc. I wonder if they will continue living as hermits.

Please continue praying for my beloved brothers and sisters in the Intercessor Relief community, and for all the ex-Intercessors who choose to obey the Good Lord and the Church.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011

One thing I have asked of the Lord, this will I seek after; 
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. 
That I may see the delight of the Lord, and may visit his temple. 
Psalm 26:4 (DRB)

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'll Fly Away

I am going to tell the oratory kids tomorrow about Saint Josephine Bakhita. I don't know if many Catholics are familiar with her. I know little about her, so I am quite surprised that I chose St. Bakhita for the kids. Maybe the Good Lord will touch the hearts of the oratory kids through her story.

As I was reading the saint's story, I cannot help but notice her childlike spirituality. She was able to forgive (and even thank!) her abductors and torturers. She forgave wholeheartedly those persons who scarred her - this is just so awesome. Here I am, having a hard time to even be kind to my "torturers".

The song, "I'll Fly Away" popped into my head while reading the saint's story and I somehow understood what the song means. Once during a class, I learned that African spirituals speak about slavery. It is just hidden in spiritual thoughts. I wonder if slavery, like what the Saint experienced, still exist. I hope and pray it does not.

There are my little thoughts this afternoon. My mind is a bit disorganized because of school stuffs. God bless you!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Books

I was in Metro Manila this morning to get a copy of my baptismal certificate. It was my first trip to he northern part of the Metro Manila so I feel I achieved something. :) The trip was short, and it would be shorter if I didn't visit Catholic bookstores.

Guess what I got?

I got The Book of Infinite Love by Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche. I am familiar with the venerable since I've read a very short story about her in a Eucharistic Adoration for Priests booklet. I scanned some pages of the book and the author speaks about the clergy and, of course, the love of God. I know I will love this book!

I also got the book Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love by Father Stefano Manelli, FFI. I started reading it while at the bus and I enjoyed the first pages already. With these new books coming to me, how will I finish Teresa's Interior Castle?

"Stop being a glutton. Now focus on one book at a time." - my conscience.

Yeah, I will obey, don't worry. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011


"Imitation is the daughter, sister, mother of love. Let us imitate Jesus because we love Him; let us imitate Jesus to love Him more! Let us imitate Jesus because He asks us and to obey is love..."

-Blessed Charles de Foucauld, Meditations sur les Saints Evangiles

Active Contemplation: My Oratory Experiences

The first time I joined the apostolate of the Religious of the Incarnate Word, around September 2010, I was very silent and never really participated. My twin brother brought me to the Cathedral Oratory, and while the sisters were giving the Catechism and while the kids were playing, I was thinking over and over, "I am a contemplative; I am not meant for such active apostolates." Look at my pride!

I didn't continue going to the oratory. The thought of protecting my contemplative vocation made me stop going to the active apostolate.

One dark morning, October 16, 2010, I was informed that my former community, which is contemplative, was suppressed. I felt my vocation was lost. I felt I lost my identity too. I was devastated and for months I was depressed. I almost gave up. I remember Saint Teresa complaining to the Lord during on of her trips. If I remember it right, the weather was bad and Saint Teresa fell into the mud. She complained to the Lord and He answered, "This is how I treat My friends." Teresa answered back, "No wonder You have a few of them!"

The story came into my mind since I have the same disposition during those dark months. I thought, "What's the essence of serving the Lord when the only things you earn are pains and sufferings?" One time I asked myself, are these troubles worth experiencing?

Thanks be to God, He didn't give up on me. He used my twin brother to make me survive the interior ordeal I was experiencing. My brother would invite me to SSVM profession and investiture ceremonies. When the Religious of the Incarnate Word started an apostolate in our school, my brother informed me about it. I participated in that apostolate (this time I am the receiver of the apostolate). There, my life was completely changed. I don't know how, but my it seems my life was renewed. The inner anchorite is being called out of his anchorhold.

I started joining them wherever they go. Last December, they brought us to the apostolate in Brgy. Tangway. Since then and until now, I join the Religious in their Tangway oratory.

This time, I am no longer chanting "I am contemplative; I am not supposed to be here." I found out that contemplation is very possible in active apostolates. Feeding the kids and catechizing them have taught me a lot of spiritual insights, just like how prayer and meditation does.

Last Saturday was a very special day in the Tangway Oratory. That afternoon, the kids were very alive and sweet. They even tickled me to death! (O those naughty kids!) They were full of happiness and were living their lives to the fullest.

But I am not sure if they retained the happiness when they went home.

Prior to the Oratory activity, we were informed that the the families of the most kids were being asked by the City Government to vacate their houses. They were going to build a new road and they have to demolish their houses. If I am not mistaken, they were given a relocation area but they have to rent.

Rent? These families seldom eat. Their kids don't go to school. They live in huts and I wonder how they survive the changing weather. I don't think some have electricity. In short, they are living in poverty, and the government is asking them to rent?

The kids were telling me, "Kuya, they are asking us to leave Tangway!" Their voices were filled with fear and worry. The Sisters were telling them to pray about it. All we can do is to pray about it. Only God can handle this. I pray He will touch the hearts of those involved. May God move them to charity.

I then became interested with the lives of these kids. I asked one of the girls how old she is. She is 12, but it is not obvious. With her small frame, she looks younger. She said she is in Grade 2. I don't know how to describe how I felt upon learning that. She is supposed to be in Grade 6 or in high school already.

I asked another girl about her education. She said she doesn't go to school. She didn't even enter Grade 1. Now she is 10 years old. As she was telling me this, her eyes was filled with loneliness and disappointment. She said during her kindergarten she had a medal recognizing her efforts in a school in Cavite Province. She didn't got the medal because her family had to move to Tangway. I cannot forget how she expressed her disappointment. I then thought how I lazy I am in school. My laziness would offend these kids. I am so ashamed of myself.

These kids are my best friends. To serve my best friends is my prayer and meditation. To help them is to help Jesus. To gaze at their faces is like gazing at the face of the Crucified Jesus. To play with them is to move my heart into deep contemplation. My heart is lost in the joy of being with them.

Sorry for the grammar/typographical errors. I do not have the time to proofread.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Feet

Farewell to thee, old poor sandals.

You've been with me for more than three years.
In my first journeys you were my feet.
Now rest, you are so torn.
Your skin is ripping off.
Your straps are becoming useless.
Your color is becoming dull.
So I am replacing you.
But I shall not forget
Those unforgettable sojourns.
Those first dangerous trips,
Geographical and spiritual.
I am not replacing you because I hate you.
I love you and I want you to rest.
My feet will surely miss you.


(and this is one of my crazy poems.)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Give Me A Chance- Karl Kohlhase

Monday, January 24, 2011


I have been receiving blog visitors who are searching or "googling" about "Intercessors of the Lamb," "Hermit Intercessors of the Lamb," and "Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc." I admit that there are some contents here in Desert Whirlwind about the Intercessors of the Lamb (activities, charism, spirituality) which were posted before the suppression took place last October 15, 2010. This might create a speculation that I am supporting the Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc.

I want to clarify that I am not connected to the "Intercessors of the Lamb" or with the "Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc." I first belong to Jesus whose body is the Church. I give my support to the majority of the former hermits who choose to obey the Archbishop of Omaha.

God bless you.

Nobody But You

Christ has no body now but yours; no hands, no feet on earth, but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks with compassion on the world; yours are the feet with which he walks to do good; yours are the hands with which he blesses all the world. Christ has no body now on earth but yours. 

St. Teresa of Avila

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wonderfully Made

I praise You, God, that I am fearfully, wonderfully made.

(From Danielle Rose's "Psalm 139 [Wonderfully Made]")

I am really thankful for the "Pursue Me" album. Very wonderful. Very inspiring.

So I am preparing for my "Carmelite dive"! Get ready John and Teresa! ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When It's Cold Outside

But it's not May. ;)

It's been terribly cold outside since Sunday evening. Cold winds were blowing everywhere, especially at night that I have to cover myself with two blankets. Mornings are kind of dark because it's cloudy.

Will all the days be so dark and cold? How I wish the sun would really come out to make the days warm and comfortable. How I wish the rain would never fall. I'm too tired to wipe all the rainwater that drops at the floor. How I wish someone would give me a nice umbrella. You see, I have no umbrella; I have to run whenever it rains unexpectedly.

How I wish someone would provide light while the days are cloudy. Not that we don't have any lamps at home, but I want warm and bright days. The weather is making me sick.

I have the audio Rosary led by Fr. Benedict Groeschel and I would love to take it with me everywhere I go. How I long to meet Fr. Groeschel. I suppose he is a great priest and spiritual director. I'll grab any opportunities of meeting him! How I wish they would make his writings more available in my country!

How I wish I used less "How I wish" phrases in this blog, but it's inevitable! My heart is full of wishes and hopes.

Remember to pray for this poor and afflicted blogger.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Suffering Heart

Van Gogh's "Old Man in Sorrow"
Suffering means:

But out of suffering come:

and the greatest is Love. (1Cor 13:13)

In times of suffering, God will never leave you:

"If you are suffering trials, or are sad, look upon Him on His way to the Garden... Or look upon Him bending under the weight of the Cross and not even allowed to take breath: He will look upon you with His lovely and compassionate eyes, full of tears, and in comforting your grief will forget His own because you are bearing Him company in order to comfort Him and turning your head to look upon Him." -Saint Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection

Your sufferings have value:

"Today the Lord said to me, I have need of your sufferings to rescue souls. O my Jesus, do with me as You please." -Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska, Diary 1612

"O you souls who wish to go on with so much safety and consolation, if you knew how pleasing to God is suffering, and how much it helps in acquiring other good things, you would never seek consolation in anything; but you would rather look upon it as a great happiness to bear the Cross of the Lord." - Saint John of the Cross

Don't Give Up

Sirach Chapter 2
1 My son, when you come to serve the LORD, prepare yourself for trials.
2 Be sincere of heart and steadfast, undisturbed in time of adversity.
3 Cling to him, forsake him not; thus will your future be great.
4 Accept whatever befalls you, in crushing misfortune be patient;
5 For in fire gold is tested, and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation.
6 Trust God and he will help you; make straight your ways and hope in him.
7 You who fear the LORD, wait for his mercy, turn not away lest you fall.
8 You who fear the LORD, trust him, and your reward will not be lost.
9 You who fear the LORD, hope for good things, for lasting joy and mercy.
10 Study the generations long past and understand; has anyone hoped in the LORD and been disappointed? Has anyone persevered in his fear and been forsaken? has anyone called upon him and been rebuffed?
11 Compassionate and merciful is the LORD; he forgives sins, he saves in time of trouble.
12 Woe to craven hearts and drooping hands, to the sinner who treads a double path!
13 Woe to the faint of heart who trust not, who therefore will have no shelter!
14 Woe to you who have lost hope! what will you do at the visitation of the LORD?
15 Those who fear the LORD disobey not his words; those who love him keep his ways.
16 Those who fear the LORD seek to please him, those who love him are filled with his law.
17 Those who fear the LORD prepare their hearts and humble themselves before him.
18 Let us fall into the hands of the LORD and not into the hands of men, For equal to his majesty is the mercy that he shows.

I thank God for my phriends. You are God's embrace.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Am Back!

So, the midterm exams are over. I am free again!


I am now planning to start reading Teresa of Avila works SERIOUSLY. I have read some of her poems, the book entitled The Foundations, and the Constitutions she made for the Discalced Carmelite Nuns. I also got a copy of The Interior Castle, and of The Way of Perfection. Now I wonder how shall I start reading them and how long will it take me to absorb everything.

Blessed Charles was very fond of Saint Teresa of Avila. It was said that he kept on reading and rereading her works and I suppose he had memorized a lot of "Teresian" lines! Teresa was his spiritual best friend, and Blessed Charles if inviting us to keep a spiritual best friend, too. That saint will be our companion on our way to Jesus.

Saint Teresa was very devoted to Saint Joseph. If I am not mistaken, the first monastery she founded was named after him. Imagine the opposition she met in reforming the Carmelite order! But she was courageous; she persevered. Teresa!

So, continue praying for me, that I may have the courage to persevere, just like Saint Teresa.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The new year has just started and I've been experiencing a lot of new things.

But I am a bit busy until next week.

So, see you in two weeks!

Saturday, January 1, 2011