Friday, June 25, 2010

In My Solitude

Solitude among people.

I've been going to my new school for two weeks, and I've been, somewhat, a "solitary student" unlike in PUP.

Well this afternoon, someone played a trick on me at the elevator. I was going inside when someone pushed the close button. Very irritating, but I tried to keep my cool. I smiled, as if I find it very funny. But of course it's not. I was wearing my Totally Catholic T-shirt (a gift from fellow Lay Companion)  and I thought I wouldn't be true Catholic if I let anger control me.

Be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun set on your anger. -Ephesians 4:26
This is what I can share now. May the Lord grant your heart's desire!

Listen to John Michael Talbot and enjoy the weekend! God bless you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

God Forbid

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I am sure you know that.

Living near the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of the Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Heart is such a blessing.

While on my way home after getting my papers from PUP, I saw beautiful decorations at the chapel. Mama and I saw seminarians in white at the chapel yesterday. The devotion to the Sacred Heart , which is very popular in our country, is indeed a very beautiful devotion. It reminds us that Jesus has a heart. Jesus is loving. He is merciful, He is gentle.

I remember my teacher in highschool Geometry. She taught her students a prayer to the Sacred Heart. I also remember a tradition in our elementary school. We stop the discussions, examinations, etc, to pray the Three O'Clock prayer (somehow I can see a connection between the Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart of Jesus) . These were not in Catholic schools, but the people are very faithful Catholics.

As I was remembering those prayerful moments with my classmates, a nightmare crept into my mind: what if someone ordered that practicing our Faith publicly be stopped? Maybe that someone thought it violates their right to practice no religion? What if that someone thought, "Atheism and agnosticism is very trendy. Let go with the flow!" and since they have the power to dictate, they'll put it in pre-school curriculum?

With their coloring books, kindergarten kids will also have to study why "there is no God." And to make it complete, universities will offer a degree in agnosticism and atheism.

Probably I'm just being too pessimistic. But the world is becoming more evil. I don't know. With the campaign to make the world a better place, they really aiming for it's destruction

Sid libera nos a malo. Amen.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As the world throws itself deeper into the darkness of the evil, let us fill our hearts with hope.

Let our hearts shine in people's sight (Mt 5:16) that they may be led to Jesus, the Light of the world (Jn8:12).

Rule for Hermitages of Saint Francis

Those who want to remain in hermitages to lead a religious life should be three brothers, or four at most; of these, let two be 'mothers' and have two 'sons,' or one at least.

The two that are 'mothers' should maintain the life of Martha and the two 'sons' the life of Mary, and have a single enclosure, in which each may have his cell to pray and sleep in.

And they are always to say Compline of the day immediately after sunset. And they should make sure to keep the silence. And they are to recite their Hours. And they are to get up for Matins. And let the first thing they seek be the kingdom of God and his justice.

And let them say Prime at the appropriate hour and, after Terce, conclude the silence so that they can speak and go to their 'mothers;' from whom, when they want to, they can beg an alms, like little paupers, for love of the Lord God.

And afterwards, they are to recite Sext and None and, at the appropriate hour, Vespers.

And as to the enclosure where they stay, they may not allow any person either to enter or to eat there.

Those brothers who are the 'mothers' are to make sure they keep their distance from people and, on account of the obedience due their minister, shield their 'sons' from people, so that nobody can get to speak with them.
And those 'sons' are not to speak with any person other than their 'mothers' and their minister and custodian, when he wishes to visit them with the blessing of the Lord God.

The 'sons,' nonetheless, should now and then take over the duty of the 'mothers', according to what arrangement they have come to about taking turns at intervals.

As for everything above-mentioned, let them earnestly and carefully endeavour to observe it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Proof That The Rainy Season is Here

These unwanted visitors came last May 29. We have to turn off all the lights to ward them off, but we were not successful.

I sprayed water on them. I failed.

I lighted a candle, and only a few singed their wings.

O moths.


Why are moths attracted to light? HowStuffWorks gave the answer: click Here if you are interested to know why.

God bless you!