Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Thoughts

My brother told me that I should not put in my blog the school where I am going to transfer because it would be dangerous.

I took my admission test yesterday, and I never thought it would be that long! I, together with other examinees, took the test for almost four hours. When I took the admission test from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Lyceum of the Philippines (Batangas), it took me less than two hours.


I just subscribed to The Christophers. I received one (or two) copy of their mini-brochure and I find it beautiful. But it took me two years before subscribing! Everytime I think of subscribing, I easily forget to do so. But now, at last I am able to subscribe! Click the link if you are interested.


Speaking of interest, I find it interesting again to download reflections from Pray-As-You-Go. I listen to the reflections everytime I travel to school. PAYG is very beautiful. I am looking forward to the part where you'll reflect upon the Gospel or a Reading. I love the music, it makes the noisy environment conducive to contemplation  PAYG is a proof that you can pray anywhere, as God is present everywhere.

They now provide reflections for weekends. I'll download the Pentecost reflections and listen to it to prepare for the Holy Mass.

Although I won't travel for an hour anymore because my new school is near, I would still continue to download PAYG. Maybe I can PAYG during breaks or vacant periods, PAYG while eating (ooh, monastic style!) but never during a lecture! St Ignatius wouldn't be happy with that for sure!


I have read 3/4 of the book Poustinia, and now I am reading "God is Love Alone and Glimmers of Happiness" by Brother Roger of Taize. It is published by the Society of Saint Paul. Brother Roger mentions his visits with the Popes. This makes me wish to meet the Pope. The first part "God is Love Alone" talks about trusting the Lord, and how we need that today!


Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

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