Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's October 21, almost 1 month after I posted my last entry about the anchorites. This week has been a rainy week.

October is very special to me. It's a very unique month for me. It's the month of Saints Therese, Francis, Bruno, Faustina, Mary Soledad, Teresa, Margaret Mary Alacoque, Luke, Paul of the Cross, Simon and Jude. These are some of the saints I really admire, and out of the goodness of God, He placed their feast days on a single month!

But this October has been so sad. It's all over the internet. But I am sure God will do something good out of our tears and pains. God will do some exciting things for sure, and I am really waiting for them!

Obedience is the greatest sacrifice, the greatest prayer a soul can offer to his Creator.

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  1. Jairus, Please tell me what's causing you so much pain. It must be something we hav'nt heard about in this part of the world.