Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When It's Cold Outside

But it's not May. ;)

It's been terribly cold outside since Sunday evening. Cold winds were blowing everywhere, especially at night that I have to cover myself with two blankets. Mornings are kind of dark because it's cloudy.

Will all the days be so dark and cold? How I wish the sun would really come out to make the days warm and comfortable. How I wish the rain would never fall. I'm too tired to wipe all the rainwater that drops at the floor. How I wish someone would give me a nice umbrella. You see, I have no umbrella; I have to run whenever it rains unexpectedly.

How I wish someone would provide light while the days are cloudy. Not that we don't have any lamps at home, but I want warm and bright days. The weather is making me sick.

I have the audio Rosary led by Fr. Benedict Groeschel and I would love to take it with me everywhere I go. How I long to meet Fr. Groeschel. I suppose he is a great priest and spiritual director. I'll grab any opportunities of meeting him! How I wish they would make his writings more available in my country!

How I wish I used less "How I wish" phrases in this blog, but it's inevitable! My heart is full of wishes and hopes.

Remember to pray for this poor and afflicted blogger.

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