Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Thoughts On A 30th

So, we're on the thirtieth.

And the only regret I have today is that I missed the pranks at the first.

Really, I cannot believe that a month has been over. Probably I am still on cloud nine? Well I guess I am. Things are getting better. Inspirations are finally being realized. Praise God, at last.. at last.

And what do I feel about that? I might be on a "cloud nine" but that doesn't mean I am levitating right now nor am I palpitating out of joy. But I have to admit I almost got a fever yesterday when I received a big news (no, not the royal wedding). What I am feeling right now is a kind of joy that is simple. I would like to worry about the simplicity, but I can't. This joy is too simple to be doubted.

(sips some coffee)

Well it is getting real hot here in the Philippines, and yet I am having my cup of hot coffee. But, just a while ago, it rained a little. Now it's getting warm again. 

(I've finished my coffee)

I do not have anymore thoughts for now. My brain stopped working (oh!).

Here's a big prayer for you:

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