Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Thoughts. Again.

I took a nap this afternoon and I woke up but I cannot open my eyes. My head ached so badly. Probably too much internet?

And I think I am also guilty of too much coffee.

and of too much sleep.

and of too much music (hey, Sound Cloud got a lot of nice original songs).

(and now for another random thought, I'm going to choose a picture published here at my blog)

Ah, the kids from the oratory! You might have read my post about my involvement with the oratory apostolate of the Religious of the Incarnate Word. They had a summer camp last month and it seems they loved it! I was told that they swam all day at the beach.

I wonder how they are right now. Will those who do not go to school start attending their first classes this June?

Working for them made me realize the beauty of married and family life. It would be so awesome to watch this kids grow up into beautiful persons. Probably that girl at the right would become a doctor? Or maybe that young boy in blue sando become an engineer? It would be really cool if that little boy in red would become the first Filipino on moon. That girl in white, whose face we cannot see, might become a cloistered nun (she's already practicing anonymity). We'll never know!

Wow. It feels so good to dream and to believe.

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  1. Your voice sounds like a robot...must be the coffee.