Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Memories

When I was a child, I was excited not for Christmas but for the gifts I were to receive on the 25th. I remember the toys and the children's books, the new clothes and the fun we had. I remember the Christmas cassette tapes which we played over and over until the player no longer operated. I remember the scent of newly printed money(and I bet you also love sniffing at those bills!) and the thrill of unwrapping the gifts. I love sniffing at the gift wrappers too.

I remember the travels our family had made during the season of Christmas for the past years. I remember having terrible rashes at my feet during one of those trips. If I scratch them, it would hurt and if I don't, it would itch (imagine my dilemma!). I also remember going to my father's office. We would play with Microsoft PowerPoint. We made silly presentations and even printed some. That was in the late nineties, and the technology wasn't as sophisticated as now. That office had the noisy laser printers then.

Now we seldom travel during Christmas. We're just staying home, celebrating Christmas as a family. I don't receive a lot of gifts since I've grown up (no, I'm not asking for presents!). I no longer receive the toys and the children's books which I used to long for. My Christmas has become simpler, and I pray it would be as simple as the manger where Jesus was laid.

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