Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Rest

Sundays are my rest days. Although I still do my school works on this day, I could still find time for me to sit back, relax and 'reorganize' myself. I could read the books I love (and need) to read, and I could sleep more. Sundays are the best!

This morning I "chatted"  my Phatmass phamily. It was my first time to chat with them since I seem to be the only phatmasser who live on the eastern section of the globe, and that means I am a hermit when I go to the chat room. Now I got the "Phatmass" fever, and it's true: Phatmass is addicting. Beware!

This evening, I started reading The Ancren Riwle. This is the only "free" internet copy I found in Google books. Now I wonder why other Internet copies of The Ancren Riwle are not available for full viewing. So far, I am enjoying the literature.

Now it's night and I have to sleep now. This week will be a busy one.

God bless you!

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