Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Talk

Before anything else:
Intercessor Relief website gives updates on the former Intercessors who are in the Philippines

Please continue praying foo Japan. I am sure you are very aware of what's going on there.

This afternoon I got the books my mom and a friend from Phatmass Phorum sent me. My mom sent me a copy of the Interior Castle by Saint Teresa of Avila and my friend Tally gave me the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These books made my day great.

Having a copy of the Little Office makes me feel like a Carthusian. If I remember it right, Carthusians pray the Little Office before the pray the Divine Office. I am not sure if the Carthusian version is different from the one I received though. But, there might be different version but they still have the same purpose. Now I wonder if I should adopt this Carthusian practice. Hmm...

Another prayer book that I would recommend is the Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I use it in preparation for the Holy Mass and for Eucharistic Adoration. The meditations are just so wonderful, that you will really enter into deep prayer. It has 30 "visits", perfect a whole month. Each visit has prayers to Jesus and Blessed Mother and meditations. My favorite part is the spiritual communion. I like how Saint Alphonsus included the Blessed Mother in this little book.

I bought The Visits because Fr. Stefano Manelli, FFI recommended it in his book Jesus Our Eucharistic Love. I have finished Fr. Manelli's book a few days ago and have used it to prepare for the Holy Mass. Fr. Manelli includes a lot of experiences of the saints with the Eucharist, of how they revere our Eucharistic King  and how they value this precious Gift. There are lots of spiritual insights too from this book, and this just made me appreciate and love Jesus more in the Blessed Sacrament. Adoremus in aeternum Santissimum Sacramentum.

I have blogged about the Book of Infinite Love by Mother Louise Margaret Claret. This is another great book. The first part is about the priesthood and will surely help lay people to appreciate the dignity of this vocation. I am on the second part and Mother Louise talks about the love of God. Whoa, I just realized I got a perfect book list. All the books that I have talked about here speaks about LOVE. All LOVE. I feel so blessed to have these beautiful spiritual jewels.

I have so much to say yet I cannot find the right words to express my thoughts. Maybe when the semester's over I could blog properly again.

Nos vemos!


  1. where do you get those books? esp the one by fr. manelli?

  2. I got Fr. Manelli's book at Saint Paul's, SM San Lazaro. I also got there the Book of Infinite Love, but it was published by Tan. Then, the Book of Saint Alphonsus is from Paulines here in Lipa. Tapos yung Little Office is a gift :P so I am not sure saan nabili yun

  3. Great Blog! Great books! God Bless!