Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Thoughts Before I Go

I am here at school for six hours waiting for our turn. We are having the presentation of our project, and it is really awful to wait for six hours. Our group might present in an hour.

You might be asking why are we waiting. We though that each presentation would last for ten minutes, as promised. It turned out that each presentation lasts for 30 minutes to one hour. This is just incredibly awful. I haven't packed my things yet, I haven't bought some necessary things for the trip and as night draws closer, I become more irritated.

Well maybe I must expect heaven on my "retreat" since today's a purgatory.

Nevertheless I am trying to keep my cool and keep my eyes on the computer monitor. I won't be on Facebook and Phatmass for three weeks so now this is the chance to indulge!

I thank God for the "retreat." What seemed to be distant is now very near. I just cannot wait. Hopefully I won't forget my camera (and my clothes!)

...and don't forget the rosary made by the Blue Hermit! I have it for more than a year. I have attached an old medal of Sacred Heart of Jesus near the Tau cross.

So, nos vemos! (I don't know if I'll post something before I sleep or tomorrow morning, but.. nos vemos!!)

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