Thursday, March 24, 2011

Break is Here

So [un]officially I am on my [summer] break.

So it's summer. I wake up shivering. The wind is cold. Everybody's sneezing. So it's summer.

I got some few but "long" plans this break, so I won't really rest unlike the past summer breaks. I plan to go to an Ignatian retreat on Holy Week  and before that, a two-week "retreat" at a faraway place. I'm so excited to travel. I'll be leaving on March 31 to start one of my  trips, and I might be gone the whole month of April (I am not sure).

I've been longing for a retreat since last October. I need some time to rest, to reflect and, yes, to be healed of everything that is bothering me. The Good Lord, in His wisdom, didn't allow me to go on one for five months. Maybe when I go to the Ignatian retreat, I will be able to identify the fruits of waiting.

Waiting. Waiting is part of the journey. It is not idleness. Well, waiting will be idleness if we don't surrender to the Good Lord. Waiting is a time of listening. Waiting is a time of practicing virtues. Waiting is surrendering.

I do not know what's going to happen in my retreat and "retreat" but I feel assured that both will be very fruitful. I am praying hard for them.

Former Intercessors in the Philippines
And speaking of prayers, please continue praying for my beloved Intercessor Relief community. They have posted about the Philippine community days ago and I am so glad that things are going well. I am so proud of their obedience and dedication to Christ and to His Church. It is so wonderful to see their obedience

Right now I am listening to some music I really love. Think of the sixties! I think I have to download some songs (legally) so that when I travel I won't be bored.

So I  have nothing to say now. Nos vemos! May God bless you!

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