Monday, March 14, 2011

Great News About Former Intercessors

A great news: Former Intercessors studying and praying; are excited for future.

"The group's goal is to retain the charism of intercessory prayer but be more grounded in Catholic tradition and obedience to the. church."

I am so glad that things are going well within the Intercessor Relief community. I am so proud of them, and I am very happy that they are really choosing the Church. It is just so wonderful that I am sure there would be more great things to expect. I know that they will be doing more good things, thus pleasing the Divine Shepherd.

I am praying hard that they will become a religious community. I wonder what their new name will be, how will they look like, the structure, etc. I wonder if they will continue living as hermits.

Please continue praying for my beloved brothers and sisters in the Intercessor Relief community, and for all the ex-Intercessors who choose to obey the Good Lord and the Church.

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