Friday, March 18, 2011

Patriarchate of Constantinople denounces Vassula Ryden

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I was a former reader/protector of Vassula until I learned of the Notifications, of the value of obedience to the Church, and of Her Wisdom.

Vassula Ryden's book True Life in God contains a lot of doctrinal errors and Catholics are discouraged from reading TLIG. Visit InfoVassula for more information regarding the "Vassula errors."

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  1. i just bought a book late last year...tlig book one. i think there were about 16 volumes in that book. i read some part of it and i found some errors that i thought were quite alien to the catholic doctrine. especially when she said she received holy communion from a catholic priest. i mean, i know there is ecumenism in vatican 2 but i dont think that is real ecumenism. so i stopped reading about it. i heard her speak here in cebu when i was a kid, when my lola and i attended one of their meetings sa charismatic group, she was invited as a guest speaker. we bought her that time i was quite impressed by the writings, but now i know the errors, i think she should be stopped, and all the faithful, warned.